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Jonathan Prescott offers private video consultations to clients throughout the world. As a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and Clinical Chaplain, Jonathan helps people rediscover meaning, clarify goals, cope with loss, and navigate illness and end of life. He is not a mental health counselor and does not treat mental health issues.

For Professional Caregivers

Learn to make your work more effective, joyful, and sustainable. Consultations with Jonathan can help you set boundaries, improve listening skills, and prevent burnout.

For Patients and Families

Find your way through the confusion of illness and end of life. Jonathan helps you reconnect with your own wisdom so you can better clarify goals, face grief and loss, and find meaning in the midst of difficulty.

For Spiritual Direction

Deepen your practice. Engage Jonathan in an ongoing Spiritual Direction relationship to enhance your search for meaning. Unlock the depths of your spiritual tradition in a safe, supportive environment.

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