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Tag: Meditation

What Should I Do?

Since I was a child, I’ve carried the question, ‘What should I do?’ I’ve looked at the confusing world and wondered how to understand this and respond to that. The question ‘What should I do?’ seems particularly poignant today as we face a global pandemic. What should we, people embedded in wealth, security, and relationships, do?  Bodhisattvas (beings who aspire to work for the benefit of all) tackle this question directly. They see that everyone is suffering and needs help. We who are on the path of practice are also Bodhisattvas. So how do we tackle this question and help…

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Giving and Receiving

It would seem that the flow of care always moves from caregiver to patient. We have skills, they have needs, and assistance flows from us to them. We hover over them at the bedside like water coolers while they lay in the bed and drink from the tap. Seen this way, caregiving is an exhaustible commodity because there’s only so much in the tap and when our patients have drunk their fill, we retreat depleted. But must it be seen this way? Are there deeper truths that contemplative practice can reveal? Meditation practice pulls back the curtain on the boundaries…